Do you wish health professionals talked with each other, and especially with you, about your care?

The Rittenhouse Healing Collaborative is a team of mental health professionals with complementary skills and shared philosophies that offers a thorough and cohesive healing experience for clients. Traditionally trained and responsibly holistic, we use our skills comfortably to help you through life challenges including: medical and psychiatric conditions, parenting, grief work, professional issues, relationship changes, and eating, weight and body image challenges. Collaborating with this talented team of health professionals enhances your care, leading to a more joyful and productive life.


A longtime champion for the integration of conventional and alternative healthcare treatments, Dr. Barbara Wingate M.D works with clients that have complex medical and psychiatric profiles… Learn More


Passionate about her role as skilled clarifier and guide, Dr. Shirley Brown D.M.D, Ph.D had a successful dental career prior to being a clinical psychologist and integrates her dental and medical background with her psychology practice... Learn More





An experienced interactive psychotherapist, Joan Toborowsky L.C.S.W is  committed to supporting individuals, couples and families towards healthier and more satisfying relationships… Learn More





As a Mindfulness Meditation, Eating Disorder Specialist Amy Tuttle has spent 25 years making amends for being one of those dietitians who tells people how to lose weight… Learn More